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Hendrik Louw Aftercare

Hendrik Louw Aftercare currently has 290 attendees and 17 aftercare facilitators. We also offer a morning and afternoon waiting class. Our facilities are available to learners from Grade RR to Grade 6. Aftercare offers plenty of activities.

Every child goes to our school Clubhouse directly after school, where they enjoy a nutritious meal. There is a 2 weekly menu and the menu is always on display in the aftercare office. Water is always served with lunch.

In the afternoon, learners enjoy "cookies and soft drinks" or water. Each day fruit is served and every second day sandwiches are served. Once a week learners are spoiled with something nice, eg. ice cream.

After lunch, learners adjourn to their respective homework classes run by aftercare facilitators, and Hendrik Louw staff. Classes are kept as small as possible so that quality teaching and learning can be applied and our learners can benefit academically.

There are no homework classes on Fridays afternoons when the learners are in the care of the entire aftercare staff and are kept productively engaged. The learners do wonderful activities like art, reading, baking, environmental studies, sports, fancy dress, Boeresport. They hold a concert or visit the local library opposite the school. Every 4 to 6 weeks the different grades rotate so that each learner can be given the opportunity to participate in each activity.

The Hendrik Louw Aftercare Center is also open during holidays. We only close during the December holidays for 3 weeks. There is no additional charge involved. The aftercare is open from 06h45 to 18h00.

Meals are provided during school hours, eg. lunch and refreshments. However, parents must provide breakfast, if needed. The tuck shop is open every day, but learners may only buy something after lunch.

We strive to create a safe and loving environment where our learners can feel happy and comfortable. If there are any questions, comments or complaints, please contact us at any time.

Aftercare is from Monday to Friday 12h00 to 18h00.

Claudi Serfontein

Estelle van Jaarsveld

Bonita Windvogel

Carole McGregor

Charlet Minnie

Elmarie Snijman

Elsa Rommelmann

Julie Bulfon

Lauren Higley

Lynne Botha

Mariette Fullard

Natalie Liebenberg

Laluna Allard

Rushni Rhoda

Cathy Sauermann

Marlese Jacobs

Alrika Serfontein