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AstroTurf Crowdfunding

Help Us Build a School Astro Field:
Transforming Dreams into Reality through Crowdfunding!

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R9 000 000

We appeal to the wider community, local businesses, and philanthropic organizations to rally behind our cause. As a token of our appreciation, we will offer free advertising space on the new astro field to any company that donates more than R20 000. This opportunity provides a mutually beneficial arrangement, allowing companies to showcase their brand while supporting the development of our school’s sports facilities.

Your contributions are invaluable in making this project a reality and ensuring our students have the facilities they need to flourish. Together, we can provide equal opportunities for the children of our community to develop their skills and engage in healthy competition.

Hendrik Louw Primary School is a dual medium and values-driven primary school, which was already established in 1880 in Strand.

We are a multi-cultural school where children of the Strand and surrounding areas are raised and educated within the true reflection of the South African society. With this in mind, diversity and life skills play a significant role in the holistic development of each unique individual.

Hendrik Louw Primary School has an urgent need for an astro-hockey field that can also accommodate four or five netball courts. Presently, our school only has three netball courts, which is insufficient to facilitate the optimal development of our learners in such a large school.

Hockey matches primarily take place at other schools as we lack our own astro facility. This poses a challenge for our learners, as they rarely have the opportunity to practice and play on an astro surface. Considering that hockey, rugby and netball are among our school’s most popular sports, it is crucial that we address this limitation.

It is important to note that our school community predominantly consists of parents who face financial hardships in their daily lives. Given these circumstances, the funds required to construct the astro-hockey track and additional netball courts are beyond our means without external support. With your support, we can provide our students with a top-notch facility that promotes sporting excellence at Hendrik Louw Primary School.

Let us join hands and create a lasting legacy of inclusivity and opportunity for generations to come.