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Hendrik Louw Primary School – Excellence since 1880

Welcome to Hendrik Louw Primary School. This is the school by the sea and we like to call ourselves “The best school south of the North Pole”.

Hendrik Louw Primary School is a multi-cultural school where children are brought up and educated within the true reflection of the South African society. Knowing this, diversity and life skills play a significant role in the holistic development of each unique individual. We focus on excellence at all levels of life, thus the reason we instil the values of trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and good citizenship in the everyday life of each learner.

We are absolutely thrilled that 1200 learners and their parents chose Hendrik Louw Primary School to embark on their educational journey. We continue to be a school that is a major leader in education, especially through our excellent academics programme managed by excellent teachers and educational leaders. This school was, still is and will always be at the forefront of change and development in the modern era of education.

As from 2023 we follow an integrated programme, which we call Marine Studies and Sustainability. We focus on teaching marine conservation and how to utilise renewable and alternative resources to create a better future for us all. This year is also the first year in which we implement the programme called Development of Mobility and Skills (DMS) in order to improve fine and gross motor skills as well as the physical conditioning and skills development of our learners. This will improve academic and sports results. We are proud to announce that we have allocated significant time slots for culture development as well. There is a culture hour on a Friday as well as an art hour for each class every week. Our Information and Technology Department functions optimally, creating numerous advantages for our learners. Robotics and coding is also expanding rapidly, especially in our Foundation Phase.

The school offers numerous extra-mural activities for our learners and we employ only the best coaches to shape our learners as participants. We have started surfing as a school sport this year. This is an outstanding method to introduce learners to the sea and teach them about sea safety while they have lots of fun.

Our learners are happy, safe and excited to embark on new learning opportunities every day. They are cared for by brilliant teachers who believe in excellence, who act with empathy and who teach with passion and commitment. This can be experienced in our vision which states: "Always our best for every child."

Hendrik Louw Primary School proudly serves the community of Strand and here we create and maintain the intellectual, personal, emotional and spiritual well-being of each learner and teacher.


Jacques Horne

Jacques Horne - Principal

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